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🆕 Post Coming Soon


🔻WELCOME INTRODUCTION This is the first and only blog training cadet site online. We are a group of cadets still under training and we think it will be necessary to share our experience for the past 2 years of training in the maritime academy. On this site, we will be servicing you guy with ; HISTORY OF CADET SHIP AND SOME REASONS WHY IT CAME TO BE. UNITY WHAT IS RECOMMENDED OF A CADET ON TRAINING? AS A CADET WHAT IS YOUR TOP GOAL(S)? WHAT AWAITS US ALL PROGRESSIVE IMPROVEMENT QUESTIONS FOR THE BEST PERFORMANCE STORIES AND RECORDS OF OTHER CADET'S EXPERIENCES AND VIEWS ON LIFE AS A MARINER. Furthermore, I have come to understand that, in this industry, it's not more of what you know but who you know. As for last year, one of my teachers said to me and I quote"KNOW AND BE KNOWN". This quotation has been tackle many times and will be tackled many times after; For it contain some truth of the world we live in today.