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The latest and most deathly virus in the year 2020 after a halfway recovery from the Ebola virus which kills thousands of people. Religious beliefs have even come on with the point that, " This is God's answer to all our weak and heartless desire toward our brothers and sister". Science says, "We have used too much of our resources which as brought a feedback to eliminate our increasing numbers". Others say, "We made the virus so that a random number can die globally". I think if someone doesn't like us for what we are, let him/she just make a boom and place it near the earth's geothermal heat source. He/she might be the end to live itself. Both scientists and doctors have brought out measures to prevent the spreading of this virus. some of which include; washing of hands thoroughly, wearing a mask, little or no contact with people; real isolation. This reminds me of a boy who loved his mother so much that he couldn't let her go anyw


2019-2020 parade drill inspection in REGIONAL MARITIME UNIVERSITY on the occasion of VC INSPECTION was a success. all cadet were dressed in white uniform. The university boad of directors and  his colliges where all present for this event. It was a mavelous occastion.