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A Moment Of Happiness

Hi ladies and Gentlemen,                                             Still in the early era of Corona virus. Covered with vast deaths and tiers from our love once. Hope for things to get better gradually failed. School of the Maritime industry are sinking monthly. Students semester fees seem to be lost money. Parent as well as individual are having a hard time managing themselves. Near to 90% of the world's population don't make money during this crisis; literally people are either living on borrowed loan, saving, charity services by other on the average wager. However, when all hope seems to be lost like a niddle in a grass field. The Maritime School seem to have found a solution to solve only their crisis for the year to come. By providing online course. Studies online secured by private channels. Although, I doubt fresh men will be given such previlage. Only students with the right accesseries can proceed to the course. Although it's a pain in the ass for students


It has been months since this epidemy occurred. It has killed hundreds of thousand if not millions already. More than what the media can report. I’m mumu and this is my story from the Maritime Academy in Ghana.   On the first of April, most shops and markets where shutdown by force by the government for security purposes. They practice the world common motto against this C-19 virus which are; Wash your hands frequently with soap and use clear wiper, use hand sanitizer as a disinfectant, stay in-doors, stay away from crowed, limit activities that might led you to be seen suspected and a broker of the new rules in place. This policy spread like wild fire from Greater Accra to other regions and nations; Fear is a monster. More ideas and speculations have been brought on the that rather suggest the origin of this virus which broke out in China than the solution to solve the problems it causes. I would not like to say more about them for the are just trying to get something for w