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  S ince the beginning of C-19, some unexpected changes have been occurring to the world's inhabitant behaviour as a hole. One of it's latest impacts course the increase and decrease rate of pollution all around the world. From the highest producers of plastics ( American, china and part of south Europe ) to the lower producers ( African continents ). Shipping companies which used to take part in such activity like: Coca-Cola. PepsiCo. Nestlé Danone. Mondelez International. Procter & Gamble. Unilever. Perfetti van Melle. e.t.c... Such companies have either reduced the supply of their product to the outside world or shut their doors definitely, which in return as brought down the annual income generated at sea.                     However, companies such as Nestl é; in charge of food transportation are still in business. Stock exchanges assets such as Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Tesla, COCA-COLA, NINTENDO etc... are been highly efficient where as com

Corona virus where are you?

              As time goes by so does the day go, with each day bringing forth new drifts at the seashore. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen. It is with great dismay, I ask this question to you all. "Where is Corona..?" I have been wearing a mask for 4 months now. Even when I take a bath and yet I have not contacted corona. I'm not saying this so that one of you should come and infect me with the right dosage but I'm just curious. Truth been told, We Africans are bored of this foreign sickness. Creating toxic booms, machine guns, and even torture tools to kill not animals but something more intelligent and as deadly as the predator. I miss the morning wake up with my cadet brothers and sisters joggle our way till sunrise. I miss the hugs and meaningful violence that was annoying me on a daily due. I miss ...I miss.  Mobile phones have become man's best friend. Most people go on social media chatting with strangers just to make the day go by. Ind

An attempt to a port with no documents

Most people in this generation think that without the right documents or requirements they can't have access to what they want. Even though they might find something more important than what they are looking for on the way. Regardless, it's true but to an extent that can only be determined by the situation and character of the person at stake. “ Not long ago, I decided to go visit the port of Ghana for an internship program to cover the practical side of my course as a to-be Seafarer. I mailed the port for the recommendations but I wasn't emailed back. So I asked my seniors for advice which they gave me happily. I required just a school note which contained my name, course, level of education, and the signature of the vice-chancellor. I made a copy and deposited it at the post office.     The next day, my elder brother sent me a message to come and collect a package which he deposited at the port for me. On my way to the port, they were so many roads to

C-19 Sunday Expectation

On the 14th of June 2020 at the Regional Maritime University. A mini church formation was been taken into motion by a group of students. Who with the courage of a thousand men kept spreading the gospel. This was a show of unity and strength; An aspect to a true cadet . Each individual who participated in that service were of different nationalities. I for one was an attendant and I was pleased to see how Africans to cooperate with one anotheras I could see a bond of trust a ora bond of fate. A bond not bound by traditional rights or anti cultural desires. On a better note, it was a realisation of what we are and what we are to be together as one. Similarly, other towns and cities all over the world I've started building new churches which they will use to increase the overall influence on the population instead of investing in themself. They don't know what the people want and are willing to offer them what they want at their own dying price. This aspect of over-exploit