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Graduation day

    O n the 5th of September 2020, Graduates of the Regional Maritime University ended their journey in this great institution. They completed in an era muddy times has bought about valuable skill and experience, that is RESILIENT and PERSISTENT. Dear, Distinguished guest, ladies, and gentlemen,                                         Welcome! We both former cadets and non-cadet!Salut! You ye whose will is and only will to serve the cause... Today is a new beginning for us. We have paved the way for our successors. Thus achieving our ultimate goal. We are glad, that we are leaving this institution in the right hands. After a long, fantastic, and heroic time on our stone ship. Although like any good family, we have our ups and downs which lighten each and every one of us on our own-self. In it, We learn the ability to share, the ability to communicate, the ability to refuse bribe and accept faults, the ability to understand someone's pain and guilt, most of all the ability to work a