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The Difference Between Spending Money And Enjoying Money As A Marine

      Through 10 years of research and experience, I have seen that spending money and enjoying it are not quite the same as most people say there are! Far back, when I was still a teenager. I used to spend money on toys, video games, lotto, and so on just for my pleasure. At this stage of my life, all I had to do was to ask and I was given. Yeah! A Period of constant enjoyment. But as you know, not all good things come easy. My parents sent me to a maritime academy. So I can one day put food on my table.     Two years have passed since then. I had to live with a student salary instead of a king's. So I decide to change my way of life and adapt to a standard that suited my present environment. OMG! It was hard as hell but fun. For instance, Back at the mall, either on a Friday or Saturday, I went to take a stroll. I met a bunch of people all dressed in some kind of #Wakanda, #Korea, #latina, #sexy What!!! Well as I said, they move into groups like friends compared to me. I was all