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🆕 Post Coming Soon


  Dear, comrades, ladies and gentlemen,                                                   I greet you all. We from the kingcadet association wish to say thank you for this year of confidence. You might not have done anything good or have ever read any of our posts. But, We still want to say, THANK YOU . It's been hard trying to grow this site without proper knowledge of how to do it but we are fairing well.  The world is not a peaceful place as you know. People who are not been heard try to make some noise so they can be heard as well as those sitting on the pitch of attention ( influencer ); so they claim.                                                   We have learned to grow even though the world doesn't know about our existence. Just as you. We have not given up on our ambition to become the greatest Organisation in the world one day. We have set goals and each day breaking the seal that restrains our growth and now, we are one of the strongest. Not because, we have mone