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The Story Of How I Became A Seafarer

KUKU is my name. I am 34 years old with dual nationality. I leave with my grandma. Life has been very hard for us since my parents died in a car accident. To survive, I hard to do mundane deeds to many people, just to eat and sustain my grandma. Although I studied till high school it was near to impossible to find a suitable job; as boss just cares about how much you bring them without caring of the damage they cause you. The is nothing holy or glorious about my story. Two years later my grandma passed away and I was left all alone. It was funny at first to realize how hopeless, I was at the moment. As the saying goes, when the world turns you back on you, you turn your back on the world. So I stood and wiped up my tears and envision myself rich in a mini-mansion at least. The next day, I decided to sell the family house, I inherited from my parents to start a business. At the Real estate company, I visited that day, I meet a long line of people who also came to trade. Among those peop