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The potential effects of the closure of the Suez Canal on World Trade

  A satellite image shows the cargo ship Ever Given stuck in the Suez Canal on Sunday. (Planet Labs Inc.)   The Suez Canal is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea through the Isthmus of Suez and dividing Africa and Asia. The canal enables more direct shipping between Europe and Asia, eliminating the need to circumnavigate Africa and cutting voyage times by days or weeks. The Suez Canal has been considered, since its establishment in 1869, as the most important artery and waterway for world trade between East and West. It is the most important waterway for moving petroleum between the production sources and consumption markets. In other words, one of the most significant maritime “shortcuts” ever built. It brought a new era of European influence in Pacific Asia by reducing the journey from Asia to Europe by about 6,000 km by skipping a detour around the Cape of Good Hope. Britain benefited the most from the construction o

Care Over All

The saying "A true act of goodwill always sparks another" has become "A true act of goodwill will always bring you more profit" due to Covid-19. Humans have proven that, when things get tough for everyone, they throw away their conscience and tend to take advantage of others either rich or poor to make themselves richer. This drive has led  many countries and even continents into a strike of poverty. Not long ago, politicians and their political parties, common businessman and women, even students have benefited from this unexpected pandemic. The price of life, in general, has couples and even tripled in some zones. For instance, a student who used to pay his school fees at 4.5 cedis per dollar 💰 is now paying 5.5 cedis... It might not be much money to the super-rich kids but to a mongrel, it's just too much money. That's not all, for another example drinking water was base on the quality and quantity of the product.  It's no more the case these days. S