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One Step At A Time 👊

👊  A wise man once told me "With Time Comes Great Achievements" and each achievement comes at a loss for a gain, for its only true pain that will tell if victory is worth the shoot. We were told that Like most people today,  where they are is not because of their merit but because of someone, who values your ambition and took the risk to speak up on your behave behind those closed Doors. So that you might get what you want. Others will say the system is encrypted only for those with connections but, did you ever think of what they went through in other to achieve that so call GOAL? did you consider the sleepless nights, hour upon hours of hard work? It is also true that favor place its part, but for the favor to manifest the most be effort, not just any kind of effort but EFFORT OF A KIND. The kind that doesn't go unnoticed. The kind that you build not by pearly tricks, but mere knowledge of what is expected of you. Below is an inspirational message for which I don't

Undergraduate Deck officer discover the secrets to chartwork, the result might surprise you

Just as the need for knowledge, wisdom and communication grow, the need for knowing the position and location of people, object or phenomenon where needed which brought about the discovery of maps; they describe an area, venues or zone. Its first development was with a sketch before the 1st century when an African known as Ra Edugo was telling his younger brother where they leave. So that in case he gets missing he could find his way home. The head villager appointed him to draw the route of every land they encounter. It's from this sketches that the first sea map separating two continents was drawn. Also know as continental map. This later on brought explorers like Christopher Columbus to evolve it to chart work and use it in the discovery of the world. In our era, we have grown so advance that we have additional navigational aids like; Radar, GPS, Sextant just to name a few. CASE STUDY NB: For most chart this days;Yellow stands for land, Blue stands for

Handing Over Ceremony

The long-awaited day has finally soon up. The end of a strengthening journey both physically and mentally. Congratulations comrades and thank you all that have encouraged us and taken us through this period of hardship. For today, we match with our souls pouring out on the parade grounds, we drilled time and time again. A step at a time, resounding the unheard echoes of our united hearts, saying, "We the senior's cadets happily hand over the paved path to our successors."                     Oh! The lovely musical sound of African drums and trumpets that comforted us at all time. Today is by far the most enjoyable day in the REGIONAL MARITIME UNIVERSITY.    New article  (chart work for deck officers)