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Death On Duty Or Rescued

  Merci! A man was rescued after his cargo ship sank in the Sea last Saturday. According to marine accident specialist investigation the man spent 48 hours in the Sea praying and floating with the help of a life jacket. The man was rescued by marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd and the Liberian coastguard off the West African Nation (WAN). The Niko Ivanka cargo ship has left the Liberian capital Monrovia on July 17th even after it was forbidden to do so due to the failure to meet basic safety requirements. Later that afternoon, the ship's crew sent a distress signal; the ship had partially sunk by the time help arrived. They were 19 people on board as per the official records. 11 people were rescued within 36 hours after the distress signal was sent, Liberian Maritime Authority spokesman, Eugene Nagbe said, "However, the people who were rescued from the waters said that there were 28 people on the ship. This means that 17 people are still unaccounted for. Liberia'