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Is leadership what it is or what you think it is?

Leadership has been addressed similarly in different historical biblical stories around the world. Some showcase, strength, courage, smartness, and discipline of a person taking a stand against all odds. Demonstrating a strong moral character which builds; Respect, Integrity, Courage, and a sound moral compass.

Such influential drag people to recognise what they lack in themselves. Leaving them wanting the desirable.

What is leadership base on?

"Authority" and "Power". It's only natural for the strong to suppress and rule over the weak.

Tell me what do you think

"Are Leaders are born or made"?

We have heard of leaders that were born to lead like kings and Queens. A generation upon generation nobles living the glory of their ancestors.

We have also heard about leaders that had to go through the struggle of life and due to their drive others got the necessary inspiration to improve.

Type of leadership

Due to human individuality, different leadership styles were discovered.

Charismatic leadership 

That is, the force of personality to order, order.
For example, the moment when someone you all respect starts talking or makes a gesture that requires your full attention.

Laissez-faire leadership

That is a situation where the leader allows the other members to be creative and not impose chains on their creative imagination. It can be seen as the," I don't mind approach, we will do what we want".

Autocratic leadership

That is, a ONE MANPOWER situation. All the decisions both strategic and technical are left for one person to deal with it. It's very complex if it concerns people that are in the zone.

Democratic leadership

That is, all members of the organisation share the power and thus have the right to take or leave it.

Servant leadership

That's, serve at all costs and levels. The purity of a rich discipline is to serve so one can value those serving.

Transformational leadership

That is, broaden and elevate the interest of the team while generating results.

Transactional leadership

That is, rewards and punishment exchange oriented.

Situational leadership

That is, leaders, adjust their leadership style to fit the development level of the followers or team.

*A leader is smart, courageous, disciplined and reliable*

Leadership is practice and qualities


As a leader you might need the following qualities;


How can we be decisive?

1. Overcome your fear
2. Stop over analyzing
3. Find a mentor
4. Visualize the outcomes
5. Make smaller decisions
6. Do not try to beat more than you can chew


How can we be calm?

1. Manage yourself well
2. Be purpose driven
3. Control expectations
4. Follow 80-20 rules (requires discipline)
5. Delegate


How to be self-discipline?

1. Ability to resist impulses to deviate
2. Maintain focus
3. Will power and persistence to see through till the end


How to be initiate?

1. Self-starter without waiting on orders
2. Motivation
3. Resourcefulness
4. See opportunities


How to be a team player?

1. Cooperate with others to achieve your goals
2. Sacrifice

How to be a good team player?
1. Humility/respect
2. Share ideas and knowledge
3. Be a motivation to others to improve

Adept ness

How to be adaptive?
1. Skillful performance of duties
2. Knowledge and competence
3. Adequate preparation and seek help


How to be versatile?
1. Adjust your style to meet situations to maximise influence
2. Seek opportunity for more exposure
3. Challenge yourself 

Effective communication skills

How to communicate properly?
1. Simple and direct by using the best medium, illustrate if necessary, affirm your actions.

NB: be technical and tactically proficient.


Thanks for reading, if it helps tend to leave a comment or better still your thoughts on the matter in question "LEADERSHIP". WE APPRECIATE YOUR WARM COOPERATION.


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