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Greetings ladies and gentltemen, 

Dear Cadet and wanna be(s),

        I greet you all. Today, I learn that rules are rules, they can not be broken or be bent without consequences. It doesn't only have an effect on the physical aspects of life but also the mental aspect.

We are all playing a game of games, with pivots, traps, and overall bosses who always have the final say. For example, let's take the least of activities like morning brushing of teeth. You did just decide that today morning you will go brush your teeth somebody decided that a long time ago and made it mandatory to help you. Yes, that's part of the reason. But also because he/she saw an opportunity to make a living by making what his/her wants into your need. That's all for the physical aspect.

Now for the mental aspect, we all like the government, doctors, teachers, and entertainers for the life-up boost they give us, with whatever they do or say that works to benefit us. But we have forgotten that they are humans too, flawed, irritated, and self-centered at all times in life. Hope you concur?๐Ÿ˜บ

And so will work based on their principle, that's why it's easy to paint a white sheep and say it's black.

I didn't want to say this but, I feel it is very important for you guys to know.  A lady died of mental stress of getting the Covid-19. She was told by her doctor that she was diagnosed positive. She couldn't believe it, for she was normal in all ways (no symptoms at all). The Doctor was very unprofessional instead of explaining to the lady plain and simple was planning to leave her hanging and move to the next client. She had to please the doctor with a smile and slang before she could be let in. At this moment, the lady was ready to believe anything she was told and so she was told what she wanted to hear. This broke her mentally to the point she started acting sick till she got sick and finally died. When this story reached my ears. For a moment there, I was speechless. The truth about her being positive was never questioned as people like going with the flow.

NB: Your health is your greatest asset. The is so much a healthy person can do that a sick person is still to dream about.

Physical prowess doesn't mean much in a world of gorillas.

Be mentally strong, by first having more faith in yourself. secondly, secondary opinions aren't a guarantee. lastly, your number one support is you. Peace ✌️.


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