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👮‍♂️ Is leadership what it is or what you think it is? Leadership has been addressed similarly in different historical biblical stories around the world. Some showcase, strength, courage, smartness, and discipline of a person taking a stand against all odds. Demonstrating a strong moral character which builds; Respect, Integrity, Courage, and a sound moral compass. Such influential drag people to recognise what they lack in themselves. Leaving them wanting the desirable. What is leadership base on? "Authority" and "Power". It's only natural for the strong to suppress and rule over the weak. Tell me what do you think "Are Leaders are born or made"? We have heard of leaders that were born to lead like kings and Queens. A generation upon generation nobles living the glory of their ancestors. We have also heard about leaders that had to go through the struggle of life and due to their drive others got the necessary inspiration to improve. Type of leadersh