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Safety first 🗣👤🌊

 It's not the first time a seafarer or someone falls from the ship into the ocean without a safety jacket. Still, we should be where that, not all falls guarantee safe come back.  As an officer, pilot and rating. We should make it a habit to always follow safety procedures except unorthodox circumstances show up. From the picture above you can see that the seafarer recently used the gangway to come down to the ladder before exiting the ship to the other vessel whose aim was to pick him/her up no matter the reason. All safety steps taken up till that point seemed safe and professional.  As we know but refuse to admit it, "Small changes/mistakes/corrections affected big conclusive results". Still from the picture, you can see that the sea level is not the best and it will be hard to hold to one's stability; if you were to stand in a vessel with less stability than the one you were on.  Nevertheless, before his/her fall without the safety jacket. If he/she held on to the

Connection| Potential| Ambition

Given all that was and what is to come, a common word links them all. The work connection. An ability to provide information of all shapes and kind to none common sense sigma. This ability existed long before the creation of mankind.  In the world we leave today, 3 things matter the most for a successful career. There are as follows; Connections It can be viewed in two or more ways but, I know of two only beings; YOU KNOW WHO AND WHO KNOWS. Most of us got to thank our parents, relatives or many other unknown characters that help us achieve our goals behind closes doors. Most opportunities like travelling abroad were preorganized before we even had the time to say, "Why". Knowing different people, cultures and breaking past language barriers has proven to be a source of opportunity to achieve even greater dreams over the sky . For example, a poor boy can only dream below his ceiling which is what is imaginary and real to reach but is also impossible from where they are now. Th