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International Women's Day

 🧭Happy International Women's Day🥂 It's been a promising year so far so good and most of us have successfully improved in our mishaps ways to better our tomorrow. One of the reasons, we are so successful is due to the prayers, motivation talk and sometimes even cursing of our parents 👪. Pushing us forward into the path laid before us. This is why, we of the kingcadet association thought it wise to appreciate our supporters and others around the world for sparking the way for one, so one can spark for another and another and so forth. Once again, thank you dearest mothers for letting your sons and daughters venture into these fields of business. We hope as you life on and across this day, so will we sail and come home once again into your comforting arms.


Sea view, limbe Greetings, ladies and gentlemen around the world. Fellow mariners aspiring for the spark of greatness. The is more to life than what the sea can offer . After all we all where born on solid soil. If SEA GOING is the goal and maybe due to some unexpected circumstances it fails what else can still be done with respect to the field you specialized in.? Have you every though of this before? Maritime institutes all across the world produce hundreds of new deck cadets and marine engineers each year. Each of these recent graduates aspires to one day make it big in the maritime industry by becoming a top-notch seafarer.  With their newfound knowledge and training, these officers join reputable maritime companies' ships, work for a few years, and try to advance their ranks. Despite very lucrative job offers, an exciting working environment, and a "globetrotting" lifestyle, the majority of these sailors prefer to leave their ship positions and take jobs ashore. This