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The Sole Lookout Man

LOOKOUT-MAN CNIC LIMBE Just like the police who are in charge of the safety of their citizen in society against all criminal circumstances that prevail. At Sea, we have the Lookout man. He is a member of the bridge team (consisting of; OOW, AB,  boatswain , deck cadet, officers and the master). With the awesome team, the vessel can navigate safely through the obstacle at sea. There are different duties assigned to the lookout man based on the time of day, and weather conditions.  Either way, he/her main duty is to ensure the safe navigation of the vessel at Sea. The sole lookout man with undivided focus on the task at hand using all his senses but mainly sight and hearing to detect incoming dangers to the safe navigation of the vessel. He then reports to the OOW who processes the given information to the master of any superior of his on the vessel at the moment for immediate action to the taken. Who can be a sole lookout onboard? In general, the OOW and the bridge team are considered t